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New batch, Blonde Ale with bananas… plus ACCE Congress Burgos 2017 recap

Before I explain the process for our last batch, I’m going to recap this year ACCE (Spanish Homebrewers Association) Congress held in Burgos in March 2017. First of all, I’d like to thank the people from the organization for a … Continue reading

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Graf, beer for ACCE congress in Burgos

After the last gastronomical post, we come back to brewing. And this time for a special occasion, the Spanish Homebrewers Association (also known as ACCE) congress, that this year takes place in Burgos. I had been wanting to go to … Continue reading

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Fermenting with Kveik, trying to recreate a Norwegian farmhouse ale

Apart from howebrewing and writing about it on this blog, one of the things I enjoy most in this hobby is reading blogs where other homebrewers share their experiences. One of the most curious blogs I follow has to be … Continue reading

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Spent grain veggie burger

I know, this post is not about homebrewing. But it is about something related, more precisely about the homebrewing waste. I’m talking about spent grain left after mashing. Evidently, we can get rid of it, but it’s a pity to … Continue reading

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