Tasting tangerine Porter

The beer you are about to read about was the second one we brewed adding among its ingredients part of a cocoa tablet made from raw cocoa beans. We told you about the first one, chocolatastic Porter, and how it was the final result. This time it is turn for tangerine Porter, which was brewed with tangerine juice. A little bit of vodka in which tangerine zest had been soaked was also added at bottling.

Tangerine Porter

Appearance wise, it is dark amber in color and it shows some turbidity. It has a white foam with low to medium retention.

Hints of caramel and nuts, as well as some chocolate are the main characteristics in the aroma. There is also a citric note under the above aromas. There are no aromas coming from hops or fermentation (we used Safale S-04 for this beer).

For flavor, caramel and toasted notes from special malts are the most predominant characteristics. Then it comes cocoa and, finally, at the end the fruit gives some citric notes.

It is a light bodied beer, with medium carbonation. The mouthfeel is quite dry, probably thanks in part to the addition of the juice from tangerines.

Overall, it is an easy drinking beer and the tangerine touch makes it quite refreshing. However, it had not been a beer that convinced us completely. The mix of toasted malts, cocoa and tangerine does not work very well. Several times when I opened a bottle, after the first sips the flavor seemed quite interesting but while I continued drinking it that same flavor gave me a weird sensation and it took me sometime to finish the beer. It was a good experience just to see how cocoa or tangerine juice can work in a beer, but we will apply what we have learned to other type of beers, since it is not likely that we are brewing this recipe again.

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