Gose with fruit tasting (2/3) – Gosemo – Gose with blackberries

Time for the second of our three fruited goses, brewed a few months ago. After posting about the result of Gosepi, with pineapple juice, now it is time for the one that got blackberries after primary fermentation.

Gosemo, gose with blackberries

Visually this gose, as I happened with Gosepi, it is quite appealing. It has an orange red color and it is quite hazy. Foam is white and scarce, and it disappears rapidly. This is something we had already experienced with blackberries in beer, so maybe there is something in them that inhibits foam.

Fruit is very prominent in aroma. There is also some lactic acid hint, while there is almost no presence of malt and none of hops.

Flavorwise, acidity combines well with fruit, but maybe it is too much blackberry flavor. In fact, I think that blackberries mask other things that could be interesting like some cereal notes or even a small character from salt (although we did not add much this time). There are no flavors coming from fermentation, with a low bitterness and no sign of hops.

Low to medium body, blackberries give make it look less dry that the one with pineapple juice, although it is still quite dry and refreshing. There is no astringency.

Even though it is no by no means a bad beer, I think blackberries and gose don’t go well together. Of the three fruited gose we brewed, this is probably the one I enjoyed less. And I think that blackberries are one of the best fruits to impart flavor in beers, even in other sour styles, but I didn’t like them in gose, at least this time. I don’t know if we will brew a beer like this again, but if we do it we probably will make some changes. I would increase salt a little bit and I think that half the amount of blackberries we used this time would be more than enough. We may even consider, although it would be somehow out of style (we don’t really care about that), adding a small percentage of a darker malt like Munich or Vienna to reinforce malt in the beer and balance the fruit flavor.


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